The late Haji Abbas Cloete
The late Haji Abbas Cloete, a well-known teacher in the community and radio presenter on Radio 786, prepared the background material about the history of the riwāyah in the Cape as well as the meaning of the riwāyāt.


Park Audio Studios
Rafiq 'Babu' Parker of Park Audio Studios, played an important role in recording Wahied's first album and subsequently, the second album as well. His combined background in music and sound engineering, overall experience and insight proved invaluable in producing quality albums.

faeez website pic
Faeez Kannemeyer
Wahied's younger brother, a former member of the Cape Malaysians, then Raihan 2 and now Īmān. Faeez assisted with the recordings of Salutations and Devotion.


Prof. Yusuf da Costa and Prof. Yusef Waghid
Prof. Yusuf da Costa (formerly of the University of the Western Cape) and Prof. Yusef Waghid of Stellenbosch University, provided editorial assistance by checking the background material of Salutations and correcting the Arabic transliteration.


Yunis Casker
Yunis Casker is a well known artist in Cape Town, specialising in air brush painting. Yunis was commissioned to do a painting for the Devotion album to depict the history, origin and character of the Ḥājah.


Nurah Tape
Nurah Tape, the former News Editor of Radio 786, now works in Qatar for Aljazeera TV's English service. Nurah has been generous with her writing and linguistic abilities, editing and redrafting the copy of both Wahied's albums and material on this website.


Yaseen Abbas

Producer of several New Zealand Artist. Yaseen is both talented in producing music and video. Yaseen Produced and recorded Wahied’s new Single 2012, A Place Called Heaven


Alfredo Muller and Mogamat Sterras

Photographers taking the time out for photoshoots for wahied.com

Nizaam Moses

Nizaam Moses, A South African professoinal Guitarist, Producer and performing Artist. Nizaam arranges Music for Wahied and they have been close friends for many years. They have toured the UK as the Iman Nasheed group with the Nasheed for youth tour under the record label,
Meem music