The Early Years:

Growing up as a child in the sprawling Cape Town suburb of Mitchells Plain, Wahied Kannemeyer fondly remembers "visiting a different house" every Thursday evening, to participate in the Dhikrullah gatherings, known as the Rātib al-Haddad. It was at those gatherings, that Wahied’s knowledge and love, for what he calls “melody”, was nurtured.

Wahied first ventured into Nasheed in 1997 with the Blue Downs-based Nasheed group, Al-Badr. In 1998, he joined the renowned Cape Nasheed group the Cape Malaysians following his return from study at the University of Al-Azhar in Egypt, home to numerous acclaimed Qur’raa. It is in Egypt that the Arabian melody greatly influenced him.

Wahied Goes Solo: In July 2002,

Wahied launched his first solo album, Salutations, which was a rendition of the famous compilations of Shaykh al-Barzanji, also known as Riwāyāt al-Barzanji . Salutations went beyond the shores of Cape Town with requests for the CD pouring in from Indonesia, Germany, Australia, Canada, United States, Namibia, Zimbabwe, the United Kingdom, Réunion Islands, Singapore, Qatar and Brazil

In 2004, he launched Devotion, a beautiful rendering of the Cape style dhikr. Wahied's talent was recognised by Meem Music in December that year, who signed him up as an artist, and saw Devotion released as Divine Blessings on the Meem label.

Wahied and Īmān:

Wahied was also the lead vocalist of the talented nasheed group Īmān. He also writes and performs his own nasheeds and has performed with Malaysian group Raihan during their tour of South Africa in 2004. Īmān released their first nasheed album, Just Remember in September 2005.